WetlandA wetland is a spot the place there’s often water close to or above the floor of the bottom. Wetlands are discovered all through the world. Many sorts of crops and animals stay in them.

The primary sorts of wetlands embrace bogs, fens, marshes, and swamps. Bogs and fens are often present in chilly locations. They’ve giant quantities of springy, spongy soil referred to as peat <<peet>>. Bogs even have plenty of acid within the soil. Many sorts of mosses develop in bogs and fens. Marshes and swamps are widespread in each heat and chilly locations. Marshes are discovered within the shallow waters of lakes and streams. Cattails, horsetails, and different crops develop in marshes. Swamps typically develop in areas which are flooded solely a part of the yr. Most swamps have timber and shrubs.

Wetlands are necessary in nature. They supply a house for a lot of crops and animals, together with alligators, beavers, birds, frogs, bugs, muskrats, otters, salamanders, snakes, and turtles. Wetlands additionally assist management flooding as a result of they maintain giant quantities of water.

Many wetlands have been destroyed by individuals’s actions. Virtually half of the wetlands in the USA have been destroyed as a result of individuals didn’t perceive their worth. Some swamps and marshes have been drained for farmland. Some wetlands have been polluted by business. In the present day, most governments work to save lots of the remaining wetlands on the planet.

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