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Syrian Desert

The Syrian <<SEER ee uhn>> Desert is a desert in southwestern Asia. It covers elements of Jordan, Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. The desert is the northwestern a part of the bigger Arabian Desert. The excessive plains of the Syrian Desert slope right down to the Euphrates River, its japanese boundary. A mountainous space stands above the central a part of the desert. Deeply minimize wadis  (dry valleys) wind down from these mountains to the Euphrates.... Read More

Sonoran Desert

The Sonoran <<suh NOHR uhn>> Desert is the most important desert in North America. It covers about one hundred twenty,000 sq. miles (310,000 sq. kilometers). Elements of the desert lie within the states of Baja California and Sonora in Mexico and Arizona and California in america. The desert accommodates plains, mountain ranges, deep river valleys, inactive volcanoes, and the most important system of sand dunes in North America.... Read More

Simpson Desert

The Simpson Desert lies on the border of Queensland, South Australia, and the Northern Territory. It’s about 200 miles (320 kilometers) lengthy and one hundred miles (one hundred sixty kilometers) broad. The middle of the desert is an space of sand drift. The outer elements of the desert embrace naked, rocky hills, sand ridges, and rounded stones referred to as gibbers.... Read More

Sahara Desert

The Sahara <<suh HAIR uh>> is the world’s largest desert. It covers about three 1/2 million sq. miles (9 million sq. kilometers) of Africa, as a lot land as the USA. The Sahara is in northern Africa. Most of it’s made up of mountains, naked, rocky plains, and excessive, flatlands referred to as plateaus <<plah TOHS>>. The remaining is a large sea of sand. In some locations, sand piles up in hills referred to as dunes. The desert is scorching and dry, however it turns cool at night time. It will get lower than four inches (10 centimeters) of rain annually.... Read More

Painted Desert

The Painted Desert is a brightly coloured plateau area in north-central Arizona. It extends about 200 miles (320 kilometers) alongside the Little Colorado River.... Read More

Mojave Desert

The Mojave <<moh HAH vee>> Desert is a large desert wasteland in southeastern California. The identify of the desert is usually spelled Mohave. The desert lies between the Sierra Nevada mountain vary and the Colorado River.... Read More

Karakum Desert

Karakum <<KAHR uh KOOM>> is a big desert that occupies most of Turkmenistan. Karakum covers one hundred thirty five,000 sq. miles (350,000 sq. kilometers).It consists of flat clay plains, salt basins, and sand mounds. Brief-lived bushes and grassy crops sprout within the spring.... Read More

Kalahari Desert

The Kalahari << KAH luh HAHR ee>> Desert is a big, dry sandy space in southern Africa. It covers about one hundred ninety,000 sq. miles (500,000 sq. kilometers). The Kalahari spreads throughout a lot of Botswana, and elements of Namibia and South Africa. It has huge areas of waterless floor floor coated by purple sands and sand dunes. Animals that reside within the area embrace brown hyenas, lions, meerkats, a number of sorts of antelope, and lots of kinds of birds and reptiles. Crops within the Kalahari include dry grasses and scrubby acacia timber.... Read More

Gobi Desert

The Gobi <<GOH bee>> is a windy, almost treeless desert in southern Mongolia and northern China. It covers greater than 500,000 sq. miles (1,300,000 sq. kilometers). It reaches about 1,200 miles (1,930 kilometers) from east to west and about 600 miles (970 kilometers) from north to south. The identify Gobi comes from a Mongolian phrase which means desert.... Read More


A desert is a area the place the soil is so dry that few crops can develop. Most deserts are very popular, however some are very chilly. Deserts close to the North and South poles are so chilly that water freezes and crops cannot develop there.... Read More