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Djibouti <<jih BOO tee>> is the capital of Djibouti, a rustic in northeastern Africa. Greater than half the nation’s individuals reside within the metropolis of Djibouti. The town lies on the Gulf of Aden and has a serious port. A railroad connects Djibouti with Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. Lots of Ethiopia’s imports and exports cross by way of Djibouti’s harbor.... Read More


Dodoma <<DOHD uh MAH>> is the capital of Tanzania. In 1973, Tanzanians voted to maneuver the nation’s capital to Dodoma from the coastal metropolis of Dar es Salaam. The transfer was accomplished within the early 2000’s. Dodoma was chosen as the brand new capital primarily due to its central location.... Read More


Johannesburg <<joh HAN ihs BURG>> is the most important metropolis in South Africa. It’s also an important enterprise middle in Africa south of the Sahara.... Read More


Freetown is the capital of Sierra Leone. It lies on the Atlantic Ocean, close to the mouth of the Sierra Leone River. The British based Freetown in 1787 as a house for freed slaves.... Read More


Gaborone <<GAHB uh ROH nee>> is the capital and largest metropolis of Botswana. It was previously referred to as Gaberones. The federal government is a serious employer within the metropolis.... Read More


Harare <<huh RAH ray>> is the capital and largest metropolis of Zimbabwe. It’s the middle of Zimbabwe’s authorities, banking, and commerce. Harare is a buying and selling middle for merchandise raised on the area’s fertile plains. The chief merchandise embrace citrus fruits, corn, cotton, and tobacco.... Read More


Conakry <<KON uh kree>> is the capital and largest metropolis of Guinea. The oldest a part of Conakry lies on the island of Tombo. A causeway (raised street) hyperlinks Tombo with the newer a part of Conakry, on the mainland. The town is Guinea’s chief port.... Read More


Giza <<GEE zuh>> is a suburb of Cairo that’s the website of probably the most well-known stays of historic Egypt—the Nice Sphinx and the three largest pyramids. The town’s identify in Arabic is Al Jizah. Giza lies on the Nile River, reverse Cairo.... Read More


Tunis <<TOO nihs>> is the capital and largest metropolis of Tunisia, a rustic in northern Africa. Tunis sits very near the Mediterranean Sea. It’s the governmental middle of Tunisia. It’s also the middle of the nation’s banking and insurance coverage industries. Commerce and tourism are necessary to the town’s financial system. Tunis has an previous part with slender, winding streets. It additionally has a contemporary part with newer buildings and broad, treelined boulevards.... Read More


Tripoli <<TRIHP uh lee>> is the capital and largest metropolis of Libya. Its Arabic identify is Tarabulus. Tripoli is situated in northern Libya, alongside the Mediterranean Sea. Tripoli has a high-quality harbor and is a delivery middle. Additionally it is a buying and selling middle for a farming area.... Read More