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Tunis <<TOO nihs>> is the capital and largest city of Tunisia, a country in northern Africa. Tunis sits very close to the Mediterranean Sea. It is the governmental center of Tunisia. It is also the center of the nation’s banking and insurance industries. Commerce and tourism are important to the city’s economy. Tunis has an old section with narrow, winding streets. It also has a modern section with newer buildings and wide, treelined boulevards.... Read More


Tripoli <<TRIHP uh lee>> is the capital and largest city of Libya. Its Arabic name is Tarabulus. Tripoli is located in northern Libya, along the Mediterranean Sea. Tripoli has a fine harbor and is a shipping center. It is also a trading center for a farming region.... Read More


Timbuktu <<tihm BUHK too>> is a trading town in central Mali. Its official name is Tombouctou <<tawn book TOO>>. It lies near the southern edge of the Sahara, about 8 miles (13 kilometers) north of the Niger River. From the 1300′s to the 1600′s, it was one of the richest commercial cities of Africa and a center of Islamic learning.... Read More


Rabat <<rah BAHT>> is the capital of Morocco, a country in northwestern Africa. Rabat is in northern Morocco on the Atlantic coast. The city is divided into old and new sections. The old section has small, white, flat-roofed houses and several mosques (Muslim houses of worship). The new section has broad streets and modern buildings. Rabat is chiefly a government and administrative center.... Read More


Pretoria <<prih TOHR ee uh>> is the administrative capital of South Africa. It is also one of the country’s largest cities. It lies in northeastern South Africa, in the northern part of the province of Gauteng. The executive branch of the South African government directs the country’s administrative affairs from Pretoria.... Read More


Praia <<PRY uh>> is the capital of Cape Verde, an island country off the west coast of Africa. It lies on the southern coast of Sao Tiago Island.... Read More


Porto-Novo <<PAWR toh NOH voh>> is the official capital of Benin, a country in western Africa. However, most of Benin’s government activity takes place in the nearby city of Cotonou. Porto-Novo lies in southeastern Benin on the Lagoon of Porto-Novo. The city is a main trading center for goods produced in Benin.... Read More

Port Louis

Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius, an island country in the Indian Ocean. It is the country’s largest city and leading port. The city lies on the northwest coast of the country’s main island, which is also called Mauritius.... Read More


Ouagadougou <<WAH guh DOO goo>> is the capital of Burkina Faso, a country in western Africa. The palace of the Moro Naba, the chief of the country’s Mossi people, is in the city.... Read More


Nouakchott <<nwahk SHOT>> is the capital and largest city of Mauritania, a country in western Africa. Nouakchott lies in western Mauritania, along the Atlantic Ocean.Government buildings dominate the center of the city. Nouakchott is crowded, and many people live in shacks and tents. Nouakchott’s products include carpets and other handicrafts, soft drinks, and chemical products.... Read More