Tripoli <<TRIHP uh lee>> is the capital and largest metropolis of Libya. Its Arabic identify is Tarabulus. Tripoli is situated in northern Libya, alongside the Mediterranean Sea. Tripoli has a high-quality harbor and is a delivery middle. Additionally it is a buying and selling middle for a farming area.

Individuals have lived in Tripoli for hundreds of years. It was initially referred to as Oea. It was later renamed Tripoli, which means Three Cities. The identify refers back to the historic district of Tripoli, which included three cities—Oea, Leptis Magna (now Lebda), and Sabratha. The previous metropolis middle of Tripoli continues to be surrounded by stone partitions. Tripoli was as soon as a part of the Ottoman Empire—which was centered in what’s now Turkey. Italy conquered Tripoli in 1911 and dominated it till World Struggle II (1939-1945). Libya turned an unbiased kingdom in 1951.

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