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Tips for Gambling Responsibly

The development of online casinos have increased the accessibility of casino gaming. By being able to play from home or anywhere else for that matter, gamers find that they can actually play more often. With the increased incidence of gambling occurring, it is also imperative that gamers take the time to ensure they are doing so in a responsible manner. As with many online sites, it is much more difficult to determine with whom you are doing business. Despite this difficulty, it doesn’t mean that you don’t take the time to do so. Responsible gamers take the time to know with whom they are doing business.... Read More

Why the Tower of London is Important to the Crown Jewels

The Tower of London complex is an enclosed town in itself. No standing water exists here. There is no moat. The only way to get in, is through the gate at the front.  There are Tower Guards that make rounds throughout the complex.  These guards that roam the grounds are called Beefeaters. They make rounds throughout the complex. Every single street, path and avenue, is guarded, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.... Read More


A zoo is a place where people keep and display, or show, animals. The word zoo is short forzoological <<ZOH uh LAHJ uh kuhl>> garden.... Read More

Ysleta Mission

Ysleta Mission is a Christian religious center near El Paso, Texas. It stands along the Rio Grande, the river that separates Texas from Mexico. Spanish missionaries and Tigua Indians from New Mexico started the mission in 1682. Ysleta is Spanish for island.The mission celebrates Saint Anthony of Padua, Italy. It also honors Our Lady of Mount Carmel.... Read More

World Trade Center

The World Trade Center was a group of buildings in New York City that was mostly destroyed in the worst terrorist attack in United States history. The center originally was made up of seven buildings, including two towers that were among the world’s tallest skyscrapers. On Sept. 11, 2001, terrorists hijacked (took over) two airplanes and crashed them into the towers. Both towers collapsed, and about 3,000 people were killed. That same day, another hijacked plane crashed into the Pentagon Building, near Washington, D.C. A fourth hijacked plane crashed in a Pennsylvania field.... Read More

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle has been the main residence outside of London for British rulers. The castle stands in Windsor, 21 miles (34 kilometers) west of London. William the Conqueror chose the site and built a castle there about 1070. The earliest parts of the present structure, however, were built in the 1200’s and 1300’s, when Henry III and Edward III ruled. Later rulers added to the castle.... Read More

Willis Tower

The Willis Tower, in Chicago, is the tallest building in the United States. It was formerly named the Sears Tower. The building has 110 stories, reaching 1,450 feet (442 meters) high. Antenna towers on top of the Willis Tower bring the total height to 1,707 feet (520 meters). The building consists mainly of business offices and some stores. An area on the 103rd floor called the Skydeck is open to the public. On a clear day, visitors can see four states—Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. The Willis Tower has a black exterior  (outside) made of aluminum and glass. It has more than 100 elevators.... Read More

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is a church that stands near the Houses of Parliament in London, England. This world-famous church is one of the most beautiful in England. Westminster Abbey’s official name is the Collegiate Church of Saint Peter.... Read More

Western Wall

The Western Wall is a Jewish holy place located in Jerusalem. It is also called the Wailing Wall. During Roman times, it formed the western wall of the enclosure surrounding the courtyard of the Jews’ holy Temple. Today, it is a place of pilgrimage and prayer. It has also become a symbol of Jewish unity and survival.... Read More

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument is a towering structure that honors George Washington, the first president of the United States. The monument is in Washington, D.C., near the Potomac River. It stands about halfway between the United States Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial.... Read More