Washington Monument

The Washington Monument is really a towering structure that honors George Washington, the very first leader from the U . s . States. The monument is within Washington, D.C., close to the Potomac River. It stands about midway between your U . s . States Capitol and also the Lincoln subsequently Memorial.

The Washington Monument is really a tall, four-on the sides stone shaft having a small pyramid at the very top. The edges from the shaft slant inward because they rise.Monuments of the type are known as obelisks.The Washington Monument is 555 ft 5 1/8 inches (169.29 meters) high, also it measures 55 ft 1 1/2 ” (16.9 meters) along all of its four sides at the end. The walls from the monument are engrossed in whitened marble from Maryland.

Within the monument is hollow. The interior walls are positioned with created memorial gemstones, a lot of historic interest. Site visitors might take a lift for an observation area towards the top of the monument. After that, the vista of Washington, D.C., is impressive.

The Washington Monument was devoted in 1885. It opened up towards the public in 1888. The monument is maintained through the National Park Service.

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