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Albania flagAlbania is a small country in southeastern Europe. The land is covered by many mountains. Albania is bordered by the Adriatic Sea on the west and by Serbia and Montenegro on the north and northeast. Macedonia lies to the east and Greece lies to the southeast and south.Tiranë is the capital and largest city of Albania.... Read More


Austria flagAustria is a small country in the middle of Europe. The countries of Switzerland and Liechtenstein lie to the west; Germany and the Czech Republic lie to the north. Slovakia and Hungary are on the east, and Slovenia and Italy lie to the south.... Read More


BalkansThe Balkans are a group of countries in the southeast corner of Europe. They are located on the Balkan Peninsula. Balkan is a Turkish word meaning mountain. The Balkans include several mountain ranges. The region has been called the Powder Keg of Europe because many wars have begun there.... Read More

Baltic States

Baltic StatesThe Baltic States consist of the nations of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The three countries were independent from 1918 until 1940. Then, the Soviet Union took them over and made them part of that country. In 1991, each of the three Baltic States broke away from the Soviet Union and became an independent nation again.... Read More


Belarus flagBelarus <<behl uh ROOS>> is a country in eastern Europe. It shares borders with Latvia and Lithuania in the northwest, Poland in the southwest, Ukraine in the south, and Russia in the northeast. Most of the land is flat. Forests cover the northern part of the country. The southern part has forests and areas of soft, wet land called swamps. Many animals live in the forests of Belarus, including a group of rare animals called European bison, a cousin of the American buffalo. Minsk is the capital and largest city.... Read More


Belgium flagBelgium is a small country in northwestern Europe. The country borders the Netherlands on the north, Germany on the east, Luxembourg on the southeast, France on the southwest, and the North Sea on the northwest.... Read More


Bosnia-Herzegovina flagBosnia-Herzegovina <<BOZ nee uh or BAWS nee uh, HURT suh goh VEE nuh or HEHRT seh goh VEE nuh>> is a country in southeastern Europe. It is often called Bosnia. It shares borders with Croatia in the north, west, and south, and Serbia and Montenegro in the east. Sarajevo is the capital and largest city.... Read More


Bulgaria flagBulgaria is a country in southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula. It lies along the Black Sea. The Danube River forms most of its northern border. Bulgaria is bordered on the north by Romania. Serbia and Macedonia are on the west, and Greece and Turkey are on the south. Sofia, the capital, is the largest city. It lies in the western part of the country, not far from Serbia.... Read More


Croatia flagCroatia <<kroh AY shuh>> is a country in southeastern Europe. It lies between Slovenia and Hungary on the north and Bosnia-Herzegovina on the south. The southeastern tip of Croatia touches the boundary of Montenegro. Serbia is on the east, and the Adriatic Sea is on the west. Zagreb <<ZAH grehb>> is the capital and largest city of Croatia.... Read More

Czech Republic

Czech Republic flagThe Czech <<chehk>> Republic is a country in central Europe. It lies between Germany and Slovakia, with Poland to the north and Austria to the south. Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic.... Read More