Bulgaria flagBulgaria is a rustic in southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula. It lies alongside the Black Sea. The Danube River types most of its northern border. Bulgaria is bordered on the north by Romania. Serbia and Macedonia are on the west, and Greece and Turkey are on the south. Sofia, the capital, is the most important metropolis. It lies within the western a part of the nation, not removed from Serbia.


Bulgaria is mountainous, however good farmland lies between the mountains. A plain referred to as the Danubian Plateau covers the northern a part of the nation, close to the Danube River. In central Bulgaria, the Balkan Mountains stretch throughout the nation from east to west. Farmers increase fruit and veggies in river valleys south of the Balkan Mountains. The Rhodope Mountains rise in southern Bulgaria, near Greece.

Assets and merchandise

Bulgaria is a creating nation. The previous Communist authorities owned a lot of the factories, mines, and farms. The federal government modified in 1989. The brand new authorities is now giving farmland to non-public house owners. Additionally it is promoting some state-owned factories.

Manufacturing unit merchandise embrace chemical compounds, processed meals, and textiles. A few fourth of the individuals work in factories.

Many Bulgarians work in hospitals, resorts, eating places, faculties, or shops. Farmers develop corn, grapes, sunflower seeds, and wheat. Tobacco and roses are additionally essential crops. The oil from roses is used to make perfumes. Farmers increase cattle, chickens, pigs, and sheep.


Bulgaria cathedralMost people are Bulgarians. About one-tenth of them are Turks. The remaining are Armenians, Greeks, Roma (typically referred to as Gypsies), Romanians, and Russians. The individuals converse Bulgarian, a language that’s very similar to Russian. Most people belong to the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.

Bulgarians take pleasure in gatherings with household and buddies and sports activities resembling soccer. The Black Sea attracts many guests. Bulgarians are additionally recognized for his or her performing arts, particularly music.A number of Bulgarian opera singers are well-known worldwide.

Historical past

Bulgaria mapIndividuals referred to as Thracians lived in Bulgaria three,000 years in the past. Slavs and Bulgars settled there within the A.D. 500’s and 600’s, and the primary Bulgarian kingdom was shaped within the late 600’s.

Within the late 1300’s, Bulgaria was conquered by the Ottoman Empire, which was based mostly in what’s now Turkey. Bulgaria gained its independence in 1908.After World Conflict II (1939-1945), the Soviet Union managed Bulgaria. It supported the Bulgarian Communists, who gained management of the nation within the late 1940’s.

In 1990, the Communist Social gathering gave up its management. Since that point, the individuals have been capable of vote for his or her authorities leaders.

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