Croatia flagCroatia <<kroh AY shuh>> is a rustic in southeastern Europe. It lies between Slovenia and Hungary on the north and Bosnia-Herzegovina on the south. The southeastern tip of Croatia touches the boundary of Montenegro. Serbia is on the east, and the Adriatic Sea is on the west. Zagreb <<ZAH grehb>> is the capital and largest metropolis of Croatia.

Throughout a lot of the 1900’s, Croatia was a part of the nation of Yugoslavia. In 1991, Yugoslavia broke up into smaller nations. A bloody struggle then began between Croats <<KROH ats>> and Serbs within the space. It led to 1995, however destroyed a lot of Croatia.


Rocky cliffs run alongside Croatia’s southern coast. Mountains rise from southern Croatia via the center of the nation. Flat plains and wealthy soil cowl the japanese a part of Croatia. The coastal space has delicate climate.


Most people of Croatia are Croats. Numerous Serbs and Bosnians additionally stay within the nation. Most Croats are Roman Catholics. The normal faith of the Serbs is the Serbian Orthodox religion, a Christian faith.

Earlier than the struggle, virtually half of Croatia’s individuals lived in small villages. However many villagers have moved to the cities as a result of their villages have been ruined within the warfare.

Assets and merchandise

croatia beachesTourism has been an essential business in Croatia. Guests take pleasure in areas alongside the Adriatic coast and on a few of Croatia’s islands. However Croatia receives fewer guests in the present day than it did up to now because of the warfare between the Croats and Serbs. A lot of the nation’s business and lots of lovely previous buildings have been destroyed.

Some business stays in Croatia, nevertheless. The nation continues to be an essential producer of fabric and clothes, cement, cigarettes, and meals merchandise.Some individuals work in shipbuilding. And farming continues in areas away from the coast.

Historical past

Croatia mapAncestors of Croats started to settle in what’s now Croatia greater than 1,000 years in the past. Through the years, numerous totally different nations have managed the world.

In 1918, Croatia turned a part of a rustic referred to as the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes <<sloh veenZ>>. Even then, there have been issues between the Croats and Serbs. In 1929, the identify of the dominion was modified to Yugoslavia.

After World Conflict II (1939-1945), Yugoslavia turned a Communist nation. Communism is a social system through which all property and items are owned by the federal government and are purported to be shared equally by the individuals.

The Communists misplaced management of Yugoslavia in 1990. Then in 1991, Croatia declared its independence and warfare broke out between Croats and Serbs.A lot of the preventing led to 1992. In late 1995, the federal government of Croatia and Serb leaders agreed to finish the conflict.

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