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Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville_South_CarolinaGreenville is a big, inexperienced metropolis and county seat situated in Greenville County in South Carolina. As of the 2010 U. S. Census, the town has a inhabitants of fifty eight, 409. Greenville with its historic residences and trendy workplace towers, is outlined as the place “Previous South” meets “New South. ” Greenville, South Carolina is the third largest metropolis within the state and the most important in “The Upstate”, an space that consists of the 6 counties within the northwestern nook of South Carolina.
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Argentina flagArgentina is the second largest nation in South America in measurement. It’s the third largest in inhabitants. Solely Brazil has extra land, and solely Brazil and Colombia have extra individuals. Argentina takes up a lot of the southern a part of South America. The Atlantic Ocean lies east of Argentina. The nation can also be bordered by Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay.... Read More


Bolivia flagBolivia <<boh LIHV ee uh>> is a rustic close to the center of South America. It shares borders with Brazil on the north and east, Paraguay on the southeast, Argentina on the south, Chile on the southwest, and Peru on the west. Sucre is the capital metropolis, however most authorities workplaces are in La Paz, Bolivia’s largest metropolis.... Read More


Brazil flagBrazil <<bruh ZIHL>> is the most important nation in South America and the fifth largest nation on the planet. Its east coast lies alongside the Atlantic Ocean. It covers almost half of South America, and its borders contact these of all however two of the nations on that continent. Brazil has extra individuals than all the opposite South American nations put collectively. About three-fourths of Brazil’s individuals, referred to as Brazilians, stay in cities and cities. Brasília, a metropolis constructed close to the middle of the nation to draw settlers, turned the capital in 1960.... Read More


Chile flagChile <<CHIHL ee>> is an extended, slender nation on the west coast of South America. It lies between the Pacific Ocean on the west and Bolivia and Argentina on the east. Peru lies to the north. Chile is a land of nice selection. It has deserts, lakes, and snow-capped volcanoes, in addition to thick forests and fertile river valleys.... Read More


Colombia flagColombia <<kuh LUHM bee uh>> is a rustic in northwestern South America. It’s the fourth largest nation in South America, and solely Brazil has extra individuals. Colombia borders Panama within the northwest. This border is the place the place North America is related to South America. To the east of Panama, the coast of Colombia lies alongside the Caribbean Sea. To the west of Panama, the coast lies alongside the Pacific Ocean. Colombia additionally borders Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador.... Read More


Ecuador flagEcuador <<EHK wuh dawr>> is a small nation in South America. It’s on the west coast of South America alongside the Pacific Ocean, in between Colombia and Peru. The equator crosses Ecuador and provides the nation its identify. Ecuador is the Spanish phrase for equator. The equator is an imaginary line that runs across the center of Earth midway between the North and South poles. Quito <<KEE toh>> is the capital metropolis.... Read More


Guyana flagGuyana <<gy AN uh>> is a rustic on the northeast coast of South America. It borders Venezuela, Brazil, and Suriname. The most important metropolis, Georgetown, is Guyana’s capital and chief port. Virtually all of the individuals stay in cities and villages on the low-mendacity coastal plain. Forests cowl a lot of the remainder of the nation. The areas within the south and west have mountains, excessive waterfalls, and savannas, or grasslands with scattered timber. A few of Guyana’s land has by no means been explored.... Read More


Paraguay flagParaguay <<PAR uh GWAY or PAR uh GWY>> is a small inland nation in the midst of South America. It’s bordered by Argentina on the south and west, Bolivia on the north and west, and Brazil on the east. Asunción <<AH quickly syawn>> is the most important metropolis and foremost port. It’s on the Paraguay River.... Read More


Peru flagPeru <> is the third largest nation in South America. Solely Brazil and Argentina are bigger. Peru lies in western South America alongside the Pacific Ocean. Ecuador and Colombia are to the north, and Chile is to the south. Brazil lies to the east of Peru.... Read More