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South Pole

The South Pole is the farthest point south on Earth. It lies near the middle of the Antarctic continent in a high, windy area of ice and snow. It is one of the world’s coldest places. This pole is also known as the south geographic pole. On a globe or map, all lines of longitude meet there.... Read More

North Pole

The North Pole is a point in the Arctic region of the world. There is really more than one kind of north pole.... Read More


An iceberg is a huge piece of ice that floats in the sea. Some icebergs are many miles long. They are always bigger than they look. Most of the iceberg is under water.... Read More


Ice is frozen water. In nature, ice forms on lakes and rivers. It also forms on wet streets and sidewalks when the weather is cold. Snow, sleet, frost, and hail are other kinds of natural ice. Glaciers <<GLAY shuhrz>> are huge sheets of ice that cover large areas of land.... Read More


Glaciers <<GLAY shuhrz>> are large areas of ice that flow slowly over land. They are found in the coldest regions of the world. These regions are the North and South poles and the high mountain valleys. The low temperatures in these places allow large amounts of snow to build up and turn into ice.... Read More


The Arctic <<AHRK tihk>> is the area around the North Pole that is always cold. It includes the Arctic Ocean, many islands, and parts of northern Europe, Asia, and North America.... Read More