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South Pole

The South Pole is the farthest level south on Earth. It lies close to the center of the Antarctic continent in a excessive, windy space of ice and snow. It is among the world’s coldest locations. This pole is also referred to as the south geographic pole. On a globe or map, all strains of longitude meet there.... Read More

North Pole

The North Pole is some extent within the Arctic area of the world. There’s actually multiple sort of north pole.... Read More


An iceberg is a large piece of ice that floats within the sea. Some icebergs are many miles lengthy. They’re all the time greater than they appear. A lot of the iceberg is beneath water.... Read More


Ice is frozen water. In nature, ice varieties on lakes and rivers. It additionally varieties on moist streets and sidewalks when the climate is chilly. Snow, sleet, frost, and hail are other forms of pure ice. Glaciers <<GLAY shuhrz>> are big sheets of ice that cowl giant areas of land.... Read More


Glaciers <<GLAY shuhrz>> are giant areas of ice that circulate slowly over land. They’re discovered within the coldest areas of the world. These areas are the North and South poles and the excessive mountain valleys. The low temperatures in these locations permit giant quantities of snow to construct up and switch into ice.... Read More


The Arctic <<AHRK tihk>> is the world across the North Pole that’s all the time chilly. It consists of the Arctic Ocean, many islands, and elements of northern Europe, Asia, and North America.... Read More