Ice is frozen water. In nature, ice varieties on lakes and rivers. It additionally varieties on moist streets and sidewalks when the climate is chilly. Snow, sleet, frost, and hail are other forms of pure ice. Glaciers <<GLAY shuhrz>> are big sheets of ice that cowl giant areas of land.

Individuals use ice for a lot of causes. Tens of millions of individuals use ice to relax drinks. The meals business ships and shops meat, fish, greens, and fruit in ice. The low temperature of ice slows the expansion of germs that spoil meals. Individuals additionally deal with burns or cuts with ice as a result of it stops the expansion of germs that would trigger an infection. Ice additionally helps cease bleeding and swelling.

Ice varieties when the temperature of water falls to 32 °F (zero °C). This temperature known as the freezing level of water. Ice begins to soften when its environment turn out to be hotter than 32 °F.

Individuals have used ice for hundreds of years. Earlier than ice machines have been developed, individuals shipped ice from chilly locations to heat locations. Through the early 1800’s, quick-shifting ships carried ice from the northern United States to South America, India, and different heat locations.

In 1851, John Gorrie, a surgeon from Florida, constructed the primary business ice-making machine in the USA. He used the ice to chill his sufferers’ rooms.

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