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Adelaide <<AD uh layd>> is the capital and chief port of the state of South Australia. Adelaide lies on a plain on Australia’s southern coast. The River Torrens flows through Adelaide. The city extends inland from the Gulf of St. Vincent, an inlet off the Indian Ocean. To the west rises a mountain range called the Adelaide Hills, which are part of the south Mount Lofty Ranges.... Read More

Alice Springs

Alice Springs is a town in the Northern Territory of Australia. It lies on the banks of the normally dry Todd River. Alice Springs is the supply depot for cattle stations, mines, and Aboriginal settlements in the central area of Australia. The town is also a popular tourist resort. From the town, tourists travel to visit Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock), Mount Connor, and Mount Olga.... Read More


Ballarat is the largest inland city in Victoria, Australia. The city was a center of the Australian gold rushes of the 1800’s. The official spelling of the city’s name is Ballaarat, from two Aboriginal words meaning resting place.... Read More


Brisbane <<BRIHZ bayn or BRIHZ buhn>> is the state capital and commercial center of Queensland, Australia. It lies in the southeastern corner of Queensland, along the Brisbane River near the Pacific Ocean.... Read More


Canberra is the capital city of Australia. The city lies within the Australian Capital Territory in southeastern Australia.... Read More


Darwin is the capital of Australia’s Northern Territory. The city lies on Australia’s northern coast on the Beagle Gulf, an arm of the Timor Sea.... Read More


Geelong <<jee LAWNG>> is a city and port in Victoria, Australia. It is 45 miles (72 kilometers) southwest of Melbourne. Geelong stands on the shores of Corio Bay.... Read More


Kalgoorlie is a town in Western Australia. It is the center of Australia’s chief gold and nickel fields. The town is in a dry region about 370 miles (600 kilometers) east of Perth. Service industries connected with mining employ many local workers. Many people also work in gold mines and a nickel smelter near the town. A smelter melts metal ore to get the metal from it.... Read More


Perth is the state capital and business center of Western Australia. Perth lies in the southwest corner of the state, on a plain between the Indian Ocean to the west and the hills of the Darling Scarp to the east. Perth is one of Australia’s largest and most beautiful cities. It has tree-lined streets and good surfing beaches. The Swan River flows through the city.... Read More


Sydney is Australia’s oldest and largest city. It lies on a lovely, deep harbor on the southeastern coast. Sydney is Australia’s busiest seaport and the nation’s business center. It is known for its beautiful Opera House. The building has huge white concrete shells that look like billowing sails.... Read More