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AlbanyAlbany is the capital of New York. Albany lies on the Hudson River in eastern New York. The city has an active port, though it is 150 miles (241 kilometers) from the Atlantic Ocean. The Hudson River has been cleaned out and deepened so that ocean ships can reach the city.... Read More


AlbuquerqueAlbuquerque <<AL buh KUR kee>> is the largest city in New Mexico. It is a center for trade, industry, and transportation for the southwestern United States. The city is also a leading center for energy, space, and defense research. Albuquerque has been greatly influenced by the Pueblo Indian and Spanish cultures.... Read More


AmarilloAmarillo <<AM uh RIHL oh>> is the largest city in the Panhandle of northern Texas. The Amarillo area is a center for the trade and manufacture of cattle and oil products.... Read More


AnaheimAnaheim <<AN uh HYM>> is a city in southern California. It lies near the Santa Ana River. The amusement park Disneyland is in Anaheim. A second park, Disney’s California Adventure, is also in the city. These parks attract many visitors to Anaheim.... Read More


AnchorageAnchorage is Alaska’s largest city and the state’s main center of commerce and transportation. Its metropolitan area, which includes the fast-growing Matanuska Valley, is home to about half of the state’s population. It is also a chief United States defense center. The city stands on upper Cook Inlet in south-central Alaska, west of the Chugach Mountains.... Read More


AnnapolisAnnapolis <<uh NAP uh lihs>> is the capital of Maryland. Annapolis lies along the Severn River on the western shore of Chesapeake Bay.... Read More


ArlingtonArlington is a city in northeastern Texas. It lies midway between Dallas and Fort Worth.... Read More


AspenAspen is a resort city in Colorado. It is located at an altitude of 7,930 feet (2,417 meters) on the Roaring Fork River in west-central Colorado.... Read More


AtlantaAtlanta is the capital and largest city of Georgia. It is a center of trade and transportation for the southeastern United States. It lies in northern Georgia, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.... Read More

Atlantic City

Atlantic CityAtlantic City is a seaside resort on Absecon Island on the southeast coast of New Jersey. Roadways connect Absecon Island to the mainland.... Read More