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Melbourne is the second largest metropolis of Australia. Solely the town of Sydney has extra individuals. Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria. It’s also a busy seaport and an essential middle for enterprise.... Read More

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi <<AH boo DAH bee>> is the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Abu Dhabi can also be spelled Abu Zaby.The UAE is in southwestern Asia alongside the Persian Gulf. It’s made up of seven unbiased states referred to as emirates. Abu Dhabi can also be the capital of the emirate of Abu Dhabi, the most important of the seven emirates. The town is ruled by the al-Nahyan household. This household belongs to a big group of associated Arab households referred to as the Bani Yas.... Read More


Amman <<AHM mahn>> is the capital and largest metropolis of Jordan, a rustic within the Center East. Amman lies 25 miles (forty kilometers) northeast of the Lifeless Sea.... Read More


Ashgabat <<ASH guh BAHT>> is the capital of Turkmenistan. It’s typically referred to as Ashkhabad. The town lies in an oasis within the Karakum desert in southern Turkmenistan.The Karakum Canal provides the town with water from the Amu Darya, a river greater than 250 miles (four hundred kilometers) away. Irrigation ditches line each side of many roads in Ashgabat.... Read More


Astana <<AH stah NAH>> is the capital of Kazakhstan. It lies alongside the Ishim River on the plains of north-central Kazakhstan. Astana is the railroad hub for a serious grain- and livestock-producing area of the nation.... Read More


Babylon was an incredible metropolis of the traditional world. It was the capital of the dominion of Babylonia. Babylon stood on the banks of the Euphrates River close to what’s now the town of Al Hillah, Iraq. It was an enormous buying and selling metropolis and the spiritual middle of Babylonia. Alexander the Nice defeated the Babylonians in 331 B.C. After his dying in 323 B.C., the town fell into ruins.... Read More


Baghdad <<BAG dad>> is the capital of Iraq and one of many largest cities of the Center East. It’s Iraq’s chief middle of tradition, manufacturing, commerce, and transportation. Petroleum refining is the Baghdad’s chief industrial exercise. The town lies on each banks of the Tigris River.... Read More


Baku <<bah KOO>> is the capital and largest metropolis of Azerbaijan. It lies on the east coast of the nation alongside the Caspian Sea. Its identify is usually spelled Baky. The town is Azerbaijan’s chief port and the nation’s political, financial, and cultural middle. The Baku space serves as an necessary oil-producing area.... Read More

Bandar Seri Begawan

Bandar Seri Begawan <<BAHN dahr SEHR ee beh GAH wahn>> is the capital and largest metropolis of Brunei. It’s also the nation’s major business middle. Bandar Seri Begawan lies on the Brunei River in northeastern Brunei. The town has numerous crops for processing petroleum and pure fuel.... Read More


Bangkok <<BANG kok>> is the capital and largest metropolis of Thailand. It’s the nation’s important middle of enterprise, business, and tradition. The town lies alongside the Chao Phraya River, a number of miles north of the Gulf of Thailand. The Thai identify for Bangkok isKrung Thep, which suggests Metropolis of Angels or Heavenly Metropolis.... Read More