Astana <<AH stah NAH>> is the capital of Kazakhstan. It lies alongside the Ishim River on the plains of north-central Kazakhstan. Astana is the railroad hub for a serious grain- and livestock-producing area of the nation.

What’s now Astana started in 1830 as a Russian army outpost. It quickly grew right into a city referred to as Akmolinsk. Within the 1950’s, when Kazakhstan was a republic of the Soviet Union, the Soviet authorities selected the land round Akmolinsk for an agricultural improvement venture. In 1991, the Soviet Union broke up. Kazakhstan then turned unbiased. The town adopted its Kazakh identify, Aqmola (additionally spelled Akmola). In 1997, Aqmola turned the nation’s capital. In 1998, Aqmola was renamed Astana, which suggests capital within the Kazakh language.

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