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Southern Ocean

Southern OceanThe Southern Ocean is the body of water that surrounds the continent of Antarctica. The Southern Ocean covers about 8.5 million square miles (22 million square kilometers). It is the world’s fourth largest ocean, ranking behind the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans.... Read More

Pacific Ocean

Pacific OceanThe Pacific Ocean is the largest body of water in the world. It is so big that if all the continents were placed in it, there would still be room left over. The Pacific Ocean stretches from the Bering Strait in the north to Antarctica in the south. It is bordered by North and South America in the east and by Asia and Australia in the west. A number of seas are also part of the Pacific Ocean. They include the Bering Sea, the Sea of Japan, and the Coral Sea.... Read More


OceanThe ocean is the large body of water that covers most of Earth’s surface. People also call it the sea. The ocean holds most of the water on Earth.... Read More

Indian Ocean

Indian OceanThe Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean in the world. It is almost totally surrounded by land—Africa, Asia, Australia, and Antarctica. Because of its smaller size and its position among large bodies of land, the Indian Ocean’s tides are not as great as the tides of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Tides are the rise and fall of the ocean waters. The pull of the sun and the moon causes the tides.... Read More

Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda TriangleThe Bermuda <<buhr MYOO duh>> Triangle is an area of ocean off the southeastern coast of Florida where many ships and airplanes have disappeared. It is also called the Devil’s Triangle. However, commercial and military boats and planes cross this area safely every day.... Read More

Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic OceanThe Atlantic Ocean is the world’s second largest ocean. Only the Pacific Ocean is larger. The Atlantic covers almost one-sixth of Earth’s surface. For hundreds of years, the Atlantic Ocean has been the main trade route between Europe and North America.... Read More

Arctic Ocean

Arctic OceanThe Arctic <<AHRK tihk>> Ocean is the world’s smallest ocean. It covers about 3,680,000 square miles (9,530,000 square kilometers). The North Pole is near the center.Most of Greenland and the northern parts of Norway, Russia, Alaska, and Canada reach the Arctic Ocean.... Read More