Indian Ocean

Indian OceanThe Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean on the earth. It’s virtually completely surrounded by land—Africa, Asia, Australia, and Antarctica. Due to its smaller measurement and its place amongst giant our bodies of land, the Indian Ocean’s tides aren’t as nice because the tides of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Tides are the rise and fall of the ocean waters. The pull of the solar and the moon causes the tides.

Currents additionally transfer the ocean waters. Currents are like rivers within the ocean. The wind causes the currents within the Indian Ocean to maneuver in a sure course. These within the northern a part of the ocean transfer west in winter and east in summer time. These within the southern a part of the ocean transfer in a circle.

Ships passing by means of the Suez Canal and Pink Sea hyperlink Europe and japanese Asia by means of the Indian Ocean. There are large oil fields beneath the Indian Ocean. Individuals use this oil for operating machines and different functions.

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