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Travel & Tourism : Most Awesome Castles and Mansions Around the World

Spooky Castle The Chillingham Castle in England is famous for being the most haunted castle in the country. Guests have reported seeing flashes of blue light and hearing loud wailing sounds at night. Both palaces and castles signify wealth and power; however, there is one fundamental difference in the nature of the two structures. The primary function of a palace is to provide comfort. Owing to this, a palace generally bears spacious and airy rooms, big verandas, beautifully decorated gardens, and huge halls meant for the king to meet his subjects. Generally, embellishment is the key aspect in palace architecture, […]

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Travel News USA :At Andaz Napa, laid-back luxe with regional flavor

It doesn’t take a word association game to know Napa, Calif., is virtually synonymous with wine, so it seemed fitting to be handed a glass of cabernet when stepping into Andaz Napa’s lobby with my young-adult son.Like many his age, he is well traveled and knowledgeable about food and wine. I wanted to gauge his reaction to the property, located in a former Avia hotel.We appreciated the informality at check-in. There were no check-in lines. Roaming staffers chatted with us while checking us in with a mobile tablet.This welcome is a hallmark of Andaz, Hyatt’s high-end boutique brand, said Tristan […]

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Travel News USA :Santa Monica resort to fly Le Meridien flag

Starwood will reflag the Sheraton Delfina in Santa Monica, Calif., as a Le Meridien.The hotel, located about five blocks from the beach in one of the priciest hotel markets in the Los Angeles area, will undergo renovations to its 310 rooms and 10,000 square feet of meeting space.The property is managed by Viceroy Hotel Group, which also operates the Viceroy Santa Monica four blocks to the west.The last Los Angeles-area hotel to operate under the Le Meridien brand was Le Meridien Beverly Hills, which closed in 2007 and was reopened as a SLS hotel.Follow Danny King on Twitter @dktravelweekly. Travel Weekly USA Canada News

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Travel News USA :First stage of Pond Yellowsone Resort remodeling completed

Lake Yellowstone Hotel in Yellowstone Park completed a $ 10 million first phase of its renovation, including upgrades to 43 of its 154 guestrooms and an updated lobby and dining room.The hotel, which is operated by Xanterra Parks & Resorts, will start a second phase of renovations when the hotel closes after the summer season on Sept. 29. The second phase will involve upgrading the rest of the guestrooms and expanding the hotel’s deli.Lake Yellowstone Hotel opened in 1891.Follow Danny King on Twitter @dktravelweekly.  Travel Weekly USA Canada News

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Travel News USA :New Orleans meals art gallery set to liven factors up

Given its rich culinary history, it’s no surprise that New Orleans is the home of the Southern Food and Beverage Museum (SoFAB), an institution dedicated to the food and drink of the South.Five years after its opening, the museum is in the process of expanding and relocating, a decision that Kelly Schultz, vice president of communications for the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau, believes will offer tourists and residents a richer way to experience the city’s culture.That expanded experience will include multiple opportunities to taste Southern foods or do some cooking.”No matter whom we are marketing to — the […]

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Travel & Tourism : Great Locations to Capture a Dropping Star

Good luck with catching one…On an average night, expect to witness an hourly appearance of a dozen sporadic shooting stars. When a comet orbits the Sun, it leaves a trail of debris behind. When the Earth travels through this stream, we witness a spike in the number of meteor showers that are also known as falling stars. The debris that is moving at relatively high speeds ignite when they come in contact with the Earth’s upper atmosphere, making them seem like shooting stars.Several times each year, we witness these splendid celestial displays that seem to radiate from a common point, […]

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Travel & Tourism : Popular Huge Monoliths in the World

Quick Fact The statue of Gomateshwara, located in Karnataka, India, is the largest monolithic statue in the world. Built in the 10th century A.D., it is one of the most revered Jain statues in the world. The term ‘monolith’ has been derived from the ancient Greek word monolithos, meaning ‘single stone’. So, a monolith essentially is a geological formation that comprises a single, large rock. There are a huge number of monolithic formations all across the world, and some of them are so gigantic that we can only but admire them with awe. Some of these monoliths have been artistically […]

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Travel & Tourism : Best Locations to Stay for Bronchial asthma Sufferers

Did You Know?With 22 million sufferers, asthma is one of the most prevalent diseases in the US, and the third biggest reason for hospital visits. From exercising to a sudden change in temperature or humidity – asthma, much like an allergy, can be triggered by a variety of factors. Difficulty breathing, wheezing, sneezing and coughing, are often the signs of asthma, and can be followed by more severe symptoms like retractions, chest pain, and panic/anxiety.Although asthma is not curable, it can be controlled by avoiding triggers, and strictly adhering to a treatment plan. For the most part, the quality of […]

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The advantages of a Private Jet Service

Traveling throughout the globe on a private jet service implies you happen to be flying like a wealthy and popular star, proper? That fact isn’t so correct any longer. Flying via a private jet service today is much more available …

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Most Caffeinated Places of America

“Actually, this seems to be the basic need of the human heart in nearly every great crisis – a good hot cup of coffee.”- Alexander King Just as tea is typically English, coffee is considered more or less the typical American drink. Be it for the flavor, or the caffeine content, there is no denying the fact that a day begins with a cup of coffee for nearly every American. While most enjoy their coffee black, coffee with dairy or non-dairy creamer is also popular. However, in some cities in America, the love for coffee has turned into obsession, with […]

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