Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic OceanThe Atlantic Ocean is the world’s second largest ocean. Solely the Pacific Ocean is bigger. The Atlantic covers virtually one-sixth of Earth’s floor. For lots of of years, the Atlantic Ocean has been the primary commerce route between Europe and North America.

The Atlantic Ocean is bordered by North and South America on the west and by Europe and Africa on the east.Alongside the sides of the Atlantic Ocean are smaller seas. These seas embrace the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, North Sea, Baltic Sea, Black Sea, and Mediterranean Sea.

The Atlantic Ocean is deeper in some locations than somewhere else. The waters closest to land are lower than 500 ft (one hundred fifty meters) deep. The deepest recognized place within the Atlantic lies simply north of Puerto Rico. It’s virtually 5 1/2 miles (eight.6 kilometers) under the floor.

Hundreds of sorts of fish reside within the Atlantic Ocean. It’s also house to sea mammals, reminiscent of whales, seals, and dolphins. They breathe air on the floor after which dive for meals. Animals of the ocean flooring embrace corals, octopuses, and shellfish. Seaweed grows on the seabed and within the ocean waters. A lot of the ocean life consists of tiny animals and one-celled plantlike dwelling issues referred to as plankton.

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