Djibouti <<jih BOO tee>> is the capital of Djibouti, a rustic in northeastern Africa. Greater than half the nation’s individuals reside within the metropolis of Djibouti. The town lies on the Gulf of Aden and has a serious port. A railroad connects Djibouti with Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. Lots of Ethiopia’s imports and exports cross by way of Djibouti’s harbor.

The French based the town of Djibouti in 1888. The world was beforehand uninhabited. In 1896, the French made the town the capital of French Somaliland (now the nation of Djibouti). They developed the town as a deliberate colonial capital. In 1977, Djibouti turned an unbiased nation, with the town of Djibouti as its capital.

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