Glaciers <<GLAY shuhrz>> are giant areas of ice that circulate slowly over land. They’re discovered within the coldest areas of the world. These areas are the North and South poles and the excessive mountain valleys. The low temperatures in these locations permit giant quantities of snow to construct up and switch into ice.

There are two important sorts of glaciers. These are referred to as continental glaciers and valley glaciers. Continental glaciers are broad, very thick ice sheets.They cowl big areas of land on Greenland and Antarctica. These glaciers construct up at their middle and slope outward. They circulate towards the ocean in all instructions.

Valley glaciers are lengthy, slender rivers of ice. They transfer slowly down excessive mountain valleys. They’re discovered within the European Alps, the Southern Alps of New Zealand, and different mountain ranges nearer the North and South poles.

Glaciers type when extra snow falls through the winter than melts in summer time. The additional snow builds up in layers. Its growing weight causes the snow beneath the floor to show to ice. The ice turns into so thick that it spreads and strikes beneath its personal nice weight.

As glaciers move over an space, they carve out the land and depart small items of rock behind.They create many various landforms.

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