Paraguay flagParaguay <<PAR uh GWAY or PAR uh GWY>> is a small inland nation in the midst of South America. It’s bordered by Argentina on the south and west, Bolivia on the north and west, and Brazil on the east. Asunción <<AH quickly syawn>> is the most important metropolis and foremost port. It’s on the Paraguay River.

Most of Paraguay’s individuals stay within the japanese a part of the nation. It’s heat and damp. A plateau covers a part of japanese Paraguay. Low, grassy plains and hills cowl the remaining. The western half is scorching and dry. It’s coated with grass, shrubs, and small timber. A number of individuals increase cattle or farm there.

Paraguay will get a lot of its cash from service industries and agriculture and forestry. Service industries present jobs in authorities workplaces, shops, lodges, faculties, and hospitals. Paraguay has some giant factories in or close to Asunción and Ciudad del Este. Rivers present water energy for making electrical power.

Paraguay mapThe land that’s now Paraguay was extensively settled earlier than Portuguese and Spanish explorers arrived within the early 1500’s. Over time, many native individuals and Europeans married each other. Their descendants, referred to as mestizos, make up a lot of the inhabitants. Different Paraguayans are descended from individuals who emigrated from such nations as China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, and Spain. A small variety of individuals of unmixed native ancestry reside within the Chaco.

Paraguay turned an unbiased nation in 1811. Dictators dominated the nation for a few years. Paraguay adopted a brand new structure in 1992. Since then, the nation has held common democratic elections.

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