Bosnia-Herzegovina flagBosnia-Herzegovina <<BOZ nee uh or BAWS nee uh, HURT suh goh VEE nuh or HEHRT seh goh VEE nuh>> is a rustic in southeastern Europe. It’s typically referred to as Bosnia. It shares borders with Croatia within the north, west, and south, and Serbia and Montenegro within the east. Sarajevo is the capital and largest metropolis.


The northern a part of Bosnia-Herzegovina is roofed with mountains and thick forests. The southern half has some rocky hills and flat farmland.

Winters within the space are chilly and snowy. Summers are heat within the valleys however cool within the excessive mountain areas. The far northern a part of Bosnia has chilly winters and dry, scorching summers.

Assets and merchandise

Bosnia-Herzegovina is wealthy in a variety of pure assets. It has huge forests and enormous sources of iron and coal. Through the 1990’s, civil conflict destroyed many industries, buildings, and roads. The nation’s financial system has improved because the struggle ended. Nevertheless, Bosnia is among the poorest nations in Europe.


Bosnia-Herzegovina-old-bridgeGreater than half of Bosnia’s individuals stay in small villages. The remaining stay in cities.

Muslims are the most important group of individuals in Bosnia. Muslims are individuals who comply with the religion of Islam. The subsequent largest group is the Serbs, who’re Japanese Orthodox Christians. Croats, one other giant group, are Roman Catholic Christians. Bosnia additionally has small teams of Albanians, Roma (typically referred to as Gypsies), and Ukrainians. Most of Bosnia’s individuals converse Bosnian, Croatian, or Serbian.

Historical past

Bosnia-Herzegovina mapPrior to now, a number of totally different nations dominated this space. The Turkish Ottoman Empire managed what’s now Bosnia from the 1400’s to the 1800’s. The Turks introduced the faith of Islam to Bosnia. Austria-Hungary gained management in 1878.

In 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary was killed in Sarajevo by a Serbian from Bosnia. This occasion sparked World Warfare I (1914-1918).

In 1918, Bosnia-Herzegovina turned a part of the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes. This kingdom was later named Yugoslavia. In 1946, Yugoslavia turned a rustic made up of six states referred to as republics. Certainly one of these republics was Bosnia-Herzegovina. From 1945 to 1990, Communists managed Yugoslavia. In 1990, non-Communists gained management of the federal government.

In March 1992, Bosnia turned unbiased. Nevertheless, lots of Bosnia’s Serbian individuals have been towards independence, and a civil conflict broke out. In December 1995, every group concerned within the warfare signed a peace plan.

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