Sonoran Desert

The Sonoran <<suh NOHR uhn>> Desert is the most important desert in North America. It covers about one hundred twenty,000 sq. miles (310,000 sq. kilometers). Elements of the desert lie within the states of Baja California and Sonora in Mexico and Arizona and California in america. The desert accommodates plains, mountain ranges, deep river valleys, inactive volcanoes, and the most important system of sand dunes in North America.

Temperatures within the Sonoran Desert range extensively. The typical temperature is over sixty five °F (18 °C). Nevertheless, temperatures can drop under freezing in northern areas and climb above one hundred twenty °F (forty nine °C) in southern areas.As a result of the desert has each summer time and winter wet seasons, it has a higher number of crops and animals than another desert on the earth.

A number of million individuals stay within the Sonoran Desert. The desert’s largest cities embrace Mexicali, Baja California; Hermosillo, Sonora; and Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona.

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