Pan American Highway

The Pan American Highway is a system of highways that hyperlinks North and South America. It extends from the USA-Mexico border to southern Chile. It additionally connects the east and west coasts of South America. As well as, it hyperlinks the capitals of 17 Latin American nations.

The Pan American Highway system is 29,525 miles (forty seven,516 kilometers) lengthy. It advantages Latin America’s financial system. The system offers a route for uncooked supplies and agricultural merchandise passing via a lot of Latin America. The Pan American Highway is usually described as operating by way of the western United States and Canada up into Alaska. However neither nation has formally named any freeway as a part of the Pan American Highway system.

The thought to create a transportation hyperlink between North and South America dates from the late 1800’s. At the moment, individuals talked of constructing a Pan American railway. Nevertheless, the group of the freeway system didn’t start till the 1920’s. The Pan American Highway Congress meets each 4 years to debate the event and progress of the freeway system. The Congress is sponsored by the Group of American States (OAS).

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    how many countries connects on PAN American Highway?

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