Route 66

Route 66 is probably probably the most well-known freeway in america. It was formally named U.S. Freeway 66 in 1926. It prolonged almost 2,500 miles (four,000 kilometers) between Chicago and Los Angeles. Route 66 was one of many first paved highways. It crossed elements of Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.

Route 66 linked small cities to bigger cities. It gave rise to roadside motels, diners, and fuel stations. Within the late 1950’s, Route 66 started to get replaced by interstate highways, which made automotive journey quicker. The final part of the unique street was changed by an interstate freeway in 1984. Route 66 doesn’t seem on current-day maps. However elements of the street are nonetheless marked as “Historic Route 66.”

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