Kokoda Trail

The Kokoda Trail is a mountain footpath in Papua New Guinea. It runs from the city of Kokoda to the Sogeri Plateau, about 25 miles (forty kilometers) east of Port Moresby. Port Moresby is the capital of Papua New Guinea. The Kokoda Trail was the scene of heavy preventing between Japanese and Allied forces throughout World Conflict II (1939-1945).

In July 1942, a big Japanese drive landed on the northeastern coast of Papua. It attacked a small pressure of Australians and Papuans close to Kokoda. Within the battle that adopted, the Japanese gained, misplaced, after which regained the village. They then pushed ahead, driving the Australians again alongside the path. By September, the Japanese reached to inside 30 miles (forty eight kilometers) of Port Moresby, the place the Allies had a army base. The Australians then drove the Japanese again, retaking Kokoda on Nov. 2, 1942. By January 1943, Australian and American troops had pressured the Japanese out of that a part of Papua New Guinea.

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