New Zealand

New Zealand flagNew Zealand is an island nation within the southwest Pacific Ocean. It lies southeast of Australia. The nation has two most important islands, the North Island and the South Island.It additionally consists of a number of smaller islands. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, and Auckland is the most important metropolis. Each cities are on the North Island.


The North Island has many forests, hills, and mountains. It additionally has volcanoes and lots of scorching springs. Excessive, snow-capped mountains cowl a lot of the South Island. There are some low plains close to the east coast.


Two foremost teams of individuals reside in New Zealand. Maori <<MAH oh ree>>, a individuals who have been among the many first to reside in New Zealand, make up the smaller group. The bigger group is known as pakehas <<PAH kuh hahs>>. Pakeha is a Maori phrase which means “pale-confronted stranger.” At this time the phrase means any non-Maori New Zealander. New Zealand has two official languages, English and Maori.

New Zealand has all the time tried to deal with its individuals pretty. In 1893, it turned the world’s first nation to provide ladies the fitting to vote. However through the years, there have been issues between the Pakehas and Maori. Principally, Maori really feel the Pakehas have taken an excessive amount of land.

Assets and merchandise

Farming is a vital a part of New Zealand’s financial system. New Zealand is the world’s largest producer of kiwi fruit. The nation additionally raises different crops and tens of millions of sheep and cattle. The sale of butter, cheese, meat, and wool to different nations brings a lot cash to New Zealand. Its factories make many merchandise, together with dairy items, wool carpets, metals, equipment, and wooden merchandise.

A lot of the nation’s electrical energy comes from water energy. Dams and dashing rivers assist make this energy.

Historical past

New Zealand mapMaori lived on what’s now New Zealand for tons of of years earlier than Europeans arrived in 1642. Europeans started to reside there within the late 1700’s. The Europeans introduced nice struggling to New Zealand’s Maori. Maori fought each other with European weapons. Many died of sicknesses introduced by the Europeans. The wars and the illness killed about half of New Zealand’s Maori.

In 1840, the British and Maori signed the Treaty of Waitangi. The treaty gave the UK management over New Zealand. However the British and Maori quickly disagreed about precisely how a lot energy the British ought to have and the way a lot energy Maori might hold.

In 1907, New Zealand shaped its personal authorities. Right now, it’s a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, a gaggle of nations that changed the British Empire. The British king or queen can also be New Zealand’s king or queen, however a primary minister heads the federal government.

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