Palau flagPalau <<puhl OW>> is a small island nation within the western Pacific Ocean. It has about 200 islands. Palau is about 500 miles (800 kilometers) east of the Philippines. It’s half of a giant island group referred to as Micronesia <<MY kruh NEE zhuh>>. Melekeok is the capital metropolis of Palau.

Most of Palau is surrounded by a coral reef, an underwater hill product of the skeletons of many tiny animals. The northern islands have been shaped by volcanoes. They’ve wealthy soil and thick forests. The southern islands are principally coral rock.

Most of Palau’s individuals are associated to the primary individuals who settled there hundreds of years in the past. About two-thirds of the individuals stay on Koror Island. They converse Palauan and English. Most people are Christians. Most of the relaxation comply with an area faith that retains its previous traditions.

Many individuals in Palau work for the federal government. Some others are farmers who stay in small villages. They increase barely sufficient meals to earn slightly cash. Some individuals fish for a dwelling. Tuna is a vital product. Tourism, or displaying guests the nation, is necessary to Palau.

Palau mapThe primary individuals arrived in Palau at the least four,000 years in the past. They in all probability got here from Southeast Asia. Within the late 1800’s, Spain dominated Palau. Then Germany took management. After World Conflict I (1914-1918), Germany misplaced the islands. Japan managed Palau till the top of World Struggle II (1939-1945). Then the USA took over. Palau turned unbiased in 1994.

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