nepal flagNepal <<nuh PAWL>> is a rustic in south-central Asia between China and India. Kathmandu <<kat man DOO>> is Nepal’s capital and largest metropolis.

The very best mountain vary on the earth—the Himalaya—and a area of hills and valleys cowl most of Nepal. The remainder of the nation is roofed by the Tarai, a flat river plain alongside Nepal’s southern border with India. Many wild animals stay within the Tarai, together with crocodiles, elephants, deer, leopards, rhinoceroses, and tigers.

The individuals of Nepal are referred to as Nepalese <<NEHP uh LEEZ>>. Most Nepalese farm for a dwelling and stay in stone or mud-brick homes in small villages. Almost all Nepalese converse Nepali, the official language. However about 50 different languages are additionally spoken in Nepal. Hinduism is Nepal’s official faith. Some Hindus in Nepal apply polygamy. Polygamy is a system the place a person might have multiple spouse, or a lady might have multiple husband.

About half of Nepal’s individuals stay within the Tarai. Corn, rice, and different crops are grown there. Farmers on the hillsides and within the valleys additionally increase many crops. They have a tendency cattle, sheep, and goats. Within the Himalaya, women and men referred to as Sherpas work as guides for mountain climbers. Many Gurkhas of Nepal function troopers within the British or Indian military.

nepal mapIndividuals have lived in what’s now Nepal for hundreds of years. As soon as there have been many kingdoms within the space. Within the 1700’s, they have been introduced collectively and dominated by one king. A primary minister heads the federal government.

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