Myanmar flagMyanmar <<myahn MAHR>> is a rustic in Southeast Asia, previously named Burma. It’s bordered by Bangladesh, China, India, Laos, Thailand, and the Bay of Bengal.Yangon (additionally spelled Rangoon) is its largest metropolis. Naypyidaw, in central Myanmar, is the capital.


Mountains cowl a lot of Myanmar. The western mountain area has thick forests. Within the japanese mountains, a number of the world’s best rubies and jade are discovered. A number of main rivers run by way of central Myanmar from north to south. The Irrawaddy River is crucial. Individuals journey on the rivers and use them to water close by rice fields.


Myanmar-dagonThe ancestors of most of Myanmar’s individuals got here to the area from central Asia. At the moment, two-thirds of the individuals are Burmans. Different teams embrace the Karen, Shan, Arakanese, Chin, Kachin, Mon, Naga, and Wa individuals. Most of those smaller teams reside within the mountains. Some Chinese language and Indian individuals stay within the cities and cities. The individuals converse Burmese, and many individuals additionally converse English.

Most individuals stay in villages of fifty to one hundred homes. Most individuals in Myanmar are Buddhists. Youngsters 5 to 9 years previous should go to high school, and the federal government supplies free schooling by means of school. Most adults can learn and write. Individuals take pleasure in soccer and chinlon, a recreation with a ball of woven cane. A well-liked type of boxing permits hitting with any a part of the physique.

Assets and merchandise

Myanmar is a creating nation. About two-thirds of the individuals are farmers. The federal government owns all of the land. Rice is the chief crop. A lot of it’s exported, or bought to different nations. Different individuals in Myanmar work as academics, docs, or authorities staff.

Myanmar’s forests produce a lot of the world’s teakwood. Many individuals fish for a dwelling within the rivers and oceans, they usually additionally increase fish in ponds. The nation has minerals and valuable stones, however most of them are nonetheless within the floor.

Historical past

Myanmar-mapThe primary individuals in what’s now Myanmar have been the Mon. In about 3000 B.C., they migrated from central Asia. Different peoples, together with the Burmans, arrived by the A.D. 800’s. In 1044, a Burman ruler, Anawrahta, based the primary Burmese kingdom.

Starting within the 1800’s, the British progressively took over the territory. By 1885, after three wars, they managed all of what’s now Myanmar.

Myanmar was conquered by Japan throughout World Struggle II (1939-1945). The land was returned to Britain after the warfare, however the individuals resisted British rule. The nation turned unbiased in 1948.

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