TundraA tundra is a chilly, dry area coated by snow for greater than half the yr. Timber can’t develop in tundras as a result of the winters are lengthy and chilly and the summers are brief and funky. Nevertheless, sure crops can reside within the tundra. They embrace mosses, grasses, low shrubs, and grasslike crops referred to as sedges <<SEHJ ihz>>.

There are two sorts of tundras—arctic and alpine. Arctic tundras lie close to the Arctic Ocean in Greenland and the northern elements of Alaska, Canada, Europe, and Russia. Most arctic tundras are flat lands with many lakes, however some have mountains.

Few individuals stay in arctic tundras. Just some Inuit individuals (as soon as referred to as Eskimos) reside in elements of the tundra, the place they hunt and fish for meals.

 Arctic tundras have many sorts of wildlife. Birds, comparable to geese and terns, reside there in the course of the spring and summer time. Caribou, reindeer, musk oxen, wolves, and grizzly bears roam the land. Smaller animals embrace arctic foxes and hares. Seals, walruses, and polar bears are discovered alongside the coasts.

Arctic tundras have giant quantities of minerals. These minerals embrace coal, pure fuel, and oil in addition to iron ore, lead, and zinc.

Alpine tundras are discovered on mountains all through the world the place it’s too excessive and chilly for timber to develop. Deer, elk, mountain goats, and sheep feed on the crops on alpine tundras through the summer time months.

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