Swat Place

Swat-placeSwat is a valley within the Hindu Kush mountains in northwestern Pakistan. The Swat River flows by means of the valley.

Individuals have lived within the Swat area for hundreds of years. The world has a posh historical past with all kinds of cultural influences. Beginning in historic occasions, one empire after one other conquered Swat. At numerous occasions, the area was underneath the management of Buddhist, Hindu, and Muslim rulers.

The British exercised growing affect in India starting within the 1600’s. At the moment, the lands generally known as India included what’s now Pakistan. In 1895, British troops established management over the native rulers in Swat. In 1926, the British authorities formally acknowledged the authority of the wali (ruler) of Swat.

Pakistan turned an unbiased nation in 1947. Though Swat was inside the boundaries of the brand new nation, the wali continued to rule. In 1969, Pakistan ended Swat’s separate, self-governing standing.

Within the early 2000’s, the Taliban, a militant Islamic group that had dominated Afghanistan, moved into the Swat area. American-led troops had pressured the group from energy in Afghanistan. The Taliban quickly clashed with Pakistani army forces.

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