Persian Gulf

The Persian <<PUR zhuhn>> Gulf is a physique of water in southwestern Asia. It lies between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula. Arabs name it the Arabian Gulf. The Strait of Hormuz hyperlinks the gulf to the Gulf of Oman, an arm of the Indian Ocean. The Persian Gulf is about 500 miles (800 kilometers) lengthy. It averages one hundred twenty five miles (201 kilometers) in width. It covers about one hundred,000 sq. miles (260,000 sq. kilometers). It’s about 300 ft (ninety one meters) deep on the deepest level. Such sea animals as oysters and shrimp reside within the gulf.

The gulf is bordered by Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman. In the course of the 1980’s, the Persian Gulf was the middle of a lot preventing in a struggle between Iran and Iraq. It was additionally the middle of preventing between america and its allies and Iraq within the 1990’s and 2000’s.

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