Jamaica flagJamaica <<juh MAY kuh>> is a small island nation within the Caribbean Sea, south of Cuba. It’s the third largest island within the Caribbean Sea. Kingston is the capital and largest metropolis of Jamaica.

Near one million individuals go to Jamaica annually. They arrive for the island’s nice climate and delightful seashores and mountains.

Jamaica is a part of a gaggle of islands referred to as the Higher Antilles. The island has three land areas: coastal plains, central hills and highlands, and japanese mountains.

Most of Jamaica’s individuals have a black African or combined black African and European (Afro-European) background. Different teams within the nation embrace Chinese language, Indians, Europeans, and Syrians. English is the official language. Nevertheless, most of the individuals converse their very own type of English. It’s totally different from the English spoken by People and English individuals.

Jamaica mapLots of Jamaica’s individuals work on farms. Sugar is crucial crop. Jamaica is among the many world’s main producers of bauxite. Bauxite is the fabric from which aluminum is made.A lot of Jamaica’s cash comes from the many individuals who go to annually.

Arawak Indians lived in Jamaica when Christopher Columbus arrived there in 1494. The Spaniards managed Jamaica till the mid-1600’s, when the British took over. Jamaica turned unbiased in 1962.

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