Gansu Province

Gansu ProvinceGansu Province is a province in north-central China. Its identify is usually spelled Kansu. Lanzhou is the province’s capital and largest metropolis.

Gansu reaches from central China to the border of Mongolia within the north. The southeastern plains and the Huang He (Yellow River) valley have good farmland. Mountains cowl a lot of the province. The Gobi Desert extends into northern Gansu.

Since historic occasions, the primary transportation route from japanese China to Central Asia has run by means of Gansu. The province curves across the rugged Tibetan Highlands. A slender route referred to as the Gansu Hall runs from Lanzhou to northern Gansu between the mountains and the desert.

Gansu got here beneath Chinese language rule through the Han dynasty (206 B.C.-A.D. 220). A dynasty is a collection of rulers from the identical household. The Han inspired commerce alongside the Silk Street, a system of commerce routes connecting China with Europe. The Silk Street ran by way of the Gansu Hall. The Chinese language protected the passage by extending the Nice Wall into northern Gansu.

Beginning within the late 900’s, the Tanguts, a Buddhist individuals, dominated Gansu as a part of their kingdom of Xi Xia. The Mongols conquered Xi Xia and China within the 1200’s. Within the mid-1800’s, the Chinese language authorities crushed a revolt by Hui (Chinese language Muslims) in Gansu and different elements of northwestern China. Warlords dominated the world within the early 1900’s. Chinese language Communists established management over Gansu in 1949.

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