Cape Verde

Cape Verde flagCape Verde <<kayp VURD>> is a rustic made up of 10 giant islands and 5 small islands. It lies within the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of Africa. São Tiago is the most important island. Praia, the capital and largest metropolis of Cape Verde, is on São Tiago.

The islands of Cape Verde have been shaped by volcanoes. At the moment, the one lively volcano is on Fogo Island. All of the islands are rugged and coated by mountains. Tall cliffs line the coasts. A lot of the land is just too dry and tough to farm.

Most people of Cape Verde have ancestors who have been black African and Portuguese. The opposite islanders are primarily black Africans.

The individuals of Cape Verde are very poor as a result of they can’t discover jobs. Even those that farm and fish for a dwelling can barely feed their households. Crops are sometimes ruined by droughts—lengthy dry spells.

Farmers on Cape Verde develop espresso beans, sugar cane, bananas, and different fruits. Additionally they plant beans, corn, and tomatoes. Fishermen catch lobsters and tuna.

Cape Verde mapPortuguese explorers found the islands of Cape Verde within the late 1450’s and early 1460’s. No individuals lived on any of the islands then, and Portuguese quickly started to settle there. Portugal dominated the islands till 1975, when Cape Verde gained its independence.

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