Cameroon flagCameroon <<KAM uh ROON>> is a rustic on the west coast of Africa. It borders the Central African Republic, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Nigeria, the Republic of the Congo, and the Atlantic Ocean. The individuals of Cameroon are divided into about 200 totally different teams. Yaoundé is the nation’s capital.

Mountains and hills lie alongside Cameroon’s western border. They stretch from Lake Chad within the north to Mount Cameroon within the south close to the coast. In central Cameroon there’s a plateau—a excessive, flat space—of forests. The plateau separates a savanna—a grassland with few timber—within the north from low, tropical forests alongside the coast of the Gulf of Guinea.

Regardless of having many pure assets, Cameroon is a poor nation. The federal government of Cameroon makes a lot of its cash from promoting farm crops. Farmers develop bananas, espresso, corn, cotton, and peanuts. Additionally they increase cattle and chickens.Petroleum, an power supply, is Cameroon’s most essential mined product.

Cameroon’s largest teams of individuals are the Bamiléké and the Fulani. The Bamiléké reside within the west. The Fulani reside within the north. The Douala, the Ewondo, and the Fang reside within the southern and central areas of Cameroon. English and French are Cameroon’s official languages. However most individuals converse one of many nation’s many African languages.

Cameroon mapFrom 1961 to 1972, Cameroon was made up of two states, East Cameroon and West Cameroon.In Might 1972, the 2 states got here collectively to type one nation.


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