Finish Record of Ice Racks in Antarctica

Did You Know… … that there are several ice shelves around Antarctica, and their thickness varies from 100 meters to as much as 1,000 meters. Ice flowing from land to the very cold waters of the ocean leads to the formation of ice shelves, as the ice does not melt soon enough. As a result of the continuous flow of glacial ice into the ocean, more and more ice gets accumulated, and the ice shelf grows larger. The grounding line is the boundary line where the ice from the glacier or ice stream leaves the landmass to form a part […]

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Antarctica <<ant AHRK tih kuh>> is the continent that covers and surrounds the South Pole. Its land is roofed by ice.Antarctica is the coldest and iciest place on the planet. The South Pole lies close to the center of Antarctica on a excessive, flat, …

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