VesuviusVesuvius <<vuh SOO vee uhs>> is an lively volcano in Europe. An lively volcano might erupt, or explode, at any time. Vesuvius rises about 7 miles (eleven kilometers) southeast of the town of Naples, Italy.

Vesuvius erupts typically. Nevertheless, many individuals nonetheless stay on the mountain and within the area round it. This space has wealthy soil and is legendary for rising good wine grapes.

The primary recorded eruption of Mount Vesuvius happened about 2,000 years in the past. The volcano coated the cities of Herculaneum <<hur kyuh LAY nee uhm>> and Pompeii<<pahm PAY>> with ashes and lava. Hundreds of individuals have been killed. The cities remained buried till the 1700’s, when individuals in Italy started to uncover them. Scientists now intently watch the volcano.

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