The Little-known Travel Destinations in Asia

Hakaluki Haor Wetland in Sylhet, Bangladesh

If you happen to travel to Bangladesh and you’re into eco tourism, you absolutely must visit the Hakaluki Haor wetland resource. It’s a unique eco-system that is mainly made up of marsh. Although it looks like wilderness, there are people living there and they seem to co-exist with the unique plants and animals living on the wetlands. Some say that it’s a bird-watcher’s paradise. Because it is located so close to a large city – Sylhet, the wetland is easily accessible for almost any tourist. It is advisable to book a tour to Hakaluki Haor because if you venture out on your own, you can really get lost. The destination can be easily reached on wheels. If you’re driving your own car or a hired vehicle, you might want to check for some Asian travel tips.

Back in Time to Kyoto, Japan

If you want to be transported back in time, you don’t need to spend time and effort building a time machine. Simply go to the Kyoto city in Japan. It’s a marvellous old-fashioned place that often makes you believe you have actually been transported away from the 21st century. Not in a bad way, though- it’s got all the amenities and technology if necessary, but the overall feel you get traversing the narrow old streets of Kyoto is that you’re looking at a 15th century scenery. The Kyoto City Budo martial arts centre is one of the loveliest landmarks in the city. The tourist guides rarely mention it but the centre is located next to the Heian Shrine which should be marked in any tourist guide. The Budo centre is the oldest martial arts hall in Japan and it has trained some of the best secret service and police staff of the Emperor.

Karnali National Parks in Nepal

It is often called the most beautiful spot in Nepal. The place is, however, really difficult to get to that’s why so few tourist guides actually list it. Neverhteless, if you stay in Nepal for a while, it might be a good idea to pay Karnali a visit. It’s a home to two important national parks: the Rara Lake Park and the Phoksundo Lake Park. It is located in the western district of the country and despite being the most important district as a natural reserve, it is easily the poorest district in Nepal so be prepared. You won’t find it easy to restock if you run low on food or supplies.

Asia is a vast region with so many exciting things to see. If you’re an experienced traveller, you’ll find that it’s often a good idea not to rely on the guide book but do your own thing.

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