Tajikistan-flagTajikistan <<tuh JIHK uh STAN>>, additionally spelled Tadzhikistan, is a rustic in central Asia. It’s bordered by Kyrgyzstan, China, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan. Tajikistan’s capital and largest metropolis is Dushanbe <<doo SHAHN buh>>.

Mountains cowl Tajikistan. The very best peaks are coated with snow all yr. The nation typically has earthquakes.

Most of Tajikistan’s individuals come from Tajik households and converse Tajik. Most Tajiks are Muslims, followers of the religion of Islam. Most of Tajikistan’s individuals reside in villages within the southwestern valleys. Their homes are made from solar-dried mud bricks. Metropolis individuals reside in a single-story homes or in condo buildings.

Some Tajiks gown just like the individuals in america and Europe. Others put on conventional clothes. The lads put on unfastened cotton trousers and a gown, and the ladies put on colourful silk clothes. In style Tajik meals embrace a rice dish referred to as pilaf and lamb or beef roasted on a stick.

Tajikistan-mapCotton is Tajikistan’s main farm product. Farmers additionally develop numerous fruits, grains, and greens, and lift cattle, chickens, horses, Karakul sheep, and yaks. The nation’s mines present coal, lead, salt, and different minerals. Factories in Tajikistan produce clothes, meals merchandise, and textiles.

Individuals have lived in what’s now Tajikistan for hundreds of years. From 1922 to 1991, Tajikistan was a part of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union broke up in 1991, and Tajikistan turned an unbiased nation.

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