Syria flagSyria <<SEER ee uh>> is an Arab nation on the japanese finish of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a land of rolling plains, fertile river valleys, and barren deserts. It borders Turkey on the north, Iraq on the east, Jordan on the south, and Israel and Lebanon on the southwest. Damascus is the capital and largest metropolis.


Alongside Syria’s seacoast, ocean winds give the world a light, moist local weather. Mountains in western Syria catch the moist sea winds and pressure them to drop their rain on the western aspect of the mountains. Because of this, little rain falls within the japanese a part of Syria.

Japanese and central Syria are made up of river valleys, grassy plains, and sandy deserts. Wealthy farmlands lie alongside the japanese fringe of the mountains. The remainder of Syria’s land is usually desert and dry grasslands.


Most of Syria’s individuals stay within the western a part of the nation. Virtually all Syrians are Muslims—individuals who comply with the faith of Islam. They converse Arabic.

About half of all Syrians reside in nation areas, principally in small villages. A couple of rural individuals, referred to as Bedouins <<BEHD oo ihnz>>, are nomads. Nomads are individuals who transfer from place to put to seek out meals for his or her herds of livestock. Many villagers reside a lot as their grandparents did. They farm small plots of land and reside in homes constructed of stone or mud bricks.

The remainder of the individuals stay in cities and cities. A few of Syria’s cities are among the many oldest on the planet. They nonetheless have slender, winding streets and historic marketplaces, however additionally they have newer sections. There, individuals stay in trendy homes or flats. Many metropolis individuals work in authorities workplaces, banks, and shops.

Assets and merchandise

Syria’s most beneficial pure assets are its good farmland and its oil and fuel. Cotton and wheat are the primary crops. A lot of the oil comes from the northeastern a part of the nation. Syria sells oil, cotton, and woolen material to different nations.

Historical past

Syria mapSyria is an historic land with an extended historical past. A few of the oldest recognized kingdoms and cities started there. Syria lies alongside main commerce routes that join Africa, Asia, and Europe. Such Syrian cities as Damascus and Aleppo grew up alongside the commerce routes and have become facilities of world commerce greater than four,000 years in the past.

Syria turned a part of the Roman Empire simply over 2,000 years in the past. In the course of the subsequent century, Christianity started and shortly unfold into Syria. It turned the state faith of Syria within the 300’s. Within the 630’s, Arab Muslims took over Syria. From 1260 till 1516, Syria was dominated by Egypt. Then Syria turned a part of the large Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans dominated till the early 1900’s, when France took management.

Syria turned unbiased in 1946. Its authorities was unstable for a few years. Within the 1970’s, the socialist Baath Social gathering got here to energy. After a army rebellion, the Baathist Hafez al-Assad dominated as president from 1971 till his demise in 2000. His son, Bashar al-Assad, then turned president. In 2011, antigovernment protests erupted in Syria. The protesters referred to as for larger political freedom and the removing of Bashar. Authorities safety forces killed hundreds of protesters.

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