QueenslandQueensland is Australia’s second largest state when it comes to space. It covers your complete northeastern a part of the Australian continent.Brisbane is Queensland’s capital and largest metropolis. Queensland is called Australia’s Sunshine State due to its heat winters and lengthy hours of sunshine. Giant numbers of vacationers go to the state all year long. Many Australians additionally transfer to Queensland after they retire.

Queensland was as soon as a part of the British colony of New South Wales. In 1859, the Moreton Bay district was separated from the remainder of New South Wales to type a brand new colony. This colony was named Queensland, after Queen Victoria of the UK. In 1901, Queensland and the opposite colonies in Australia turned states once they united to type the Commonwealth of Australia.


Queensland has seven main land areas. The islands and coral reefs of the Nice Barrier Reef encompass a lot of Queensland’s shoreline. The Nice Barrier Reef is the most important group of coral reefs on the earth. The reefs appeal to many sailors, scuba divers, and individuals who take pleasure in fishing. The Nice Barrier Reef is legendary for its magnificence and the number of its wildlife.

Assets and merchandise

Queensland will depend on farming and mining for a lot of its wealth. Livestock farmers increase beef cattle and sheep. The primary crops grown within the state are cotton, sugar cane, tobacco, wheat, and totally different sorts of fruit and veggies.

Queensland is Australia’s main mining state. Some essential minerals mined within the state are copper, gold, lead, silver, and tin.The state produces a lot of Australia’s coal that’s exported to different nations.


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