Qatar-flagQatar <<KAH tar>> is a small Arab nation in southwestern Asia. Qatar is an emirate—a rustic dominated by an emir, or prince. Doha is Qatar’s capital and largest metropolis.

Qatar is surrounded on three sides by water—the Gulf of Bahrain on the west and the Persian Gulf on the north and east. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates mislead the south of Qatar. Most of Qatar’s land is stony desert.

The individuals of Qatar are referred to as Qataris. Earlier than 1939, most Qataris tended camel herds, fished, or dived for pearls for a dwelling. However in 1939, oil was found in Qatar. Most Qataris received jobs working within the oil fields and moved to trendy homes or flats within the cities. Hundreds of individuals from close by nations additionally moved to Qatar to work within the oil fields. Immediately, there are greater than twice as many individuals from different nations as there are Qataris dwelling in Qatar.

Qatar-mapArabic is Qatar’s official language, however many enterprise managers and authorities staff additionally converse English. Islam is the state faith.

Qatar’s primary product is oil. Qatar buys a lot of its meals and lots of different merchandise from different nations.

Individuals have lived in what’s now Qatar for hundreds of years. In 1916, the British took management of Qatar. In 1971, Qatar turned unbiased—free from British management. Though Qatar continues to be dominated by an emir, in 2003 the individuals of Qatar accepted a brand new structure that provides them extra say within the authorities.

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