Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico mapPuerto Rico <<PWAIR tuh REE koh>> is a lovely island that lies about 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) southeast of Florida. Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the USA. That signifies that the individuals of Puerto Rico are U.S. residents, they usually can transfer to the USA any time they need. However once they stay on the island, they can’t vote for the president of the USA. The commonwealth will get assist and safety from america, however the island has its personal authorities.


Seashores lined with palm timber encompass Puerto Rico. Mountain ranges, hills, and deserts lie farther inland. Tropical forests as soon as coated a lot of Puerto Rico, however at this time, most forestland is gone.

Puerto Rico is heat the yr round. Sea breezes make the climate nice and cozy in summer time. Many elements of the island have temporary however heavy rain showers almost daily.


Puerto Rico is extra crowded than any U.S. state. Most people come from Spanish households and converse Spanish, however many Puerto Ricans additionally converse English. Most Puerto Ricans comply with the Roman Catholic faith. They have fun spiritual holidays with colourful festivals.

Assets and merchandise

One in every of Puerto Rico’s most beneficial assets is its local weather. The nice and cozy, moist climate permits farmers to develop espresso and different heat-climate crops. The gorgeous seashores and resort inns draw numerous guests from the U.S. mainland.

Manufacturing, or making issues, is among the most essential industries in Puerto Rico. A whole lot of factories make many sorts of merchandise, together with clothes and equipment.

A lot of Puerto Rico’s land space is farmland. Milk, eggs, and poultry, or chickens, are an important farm merchandise. Espresso is a number one crop. Greater than half of Puerto Rico’s farms produce espresso.

Historical past

Puerto Rico flagThe primary individuals to stay in Puerto Rico have been the Arawak Indians. Most of them have been killed or died of illness after Spanish settlers got here. Christopher Columbus reached the island in 1493 and claimed it for Spain. Puerto Rico is the one half of what’s now america the place Columbus landed. He named the island San Juan Bautista (Saint John the Baptist). Spain gave Puerto Rico to the USA in 1898 on the finish of the Spanish-American Struggle. The island turned a self-governing commonwealth in 1952. Some Puerto Ricans needed to hitch america as a state, however in 1967, 1993, and 1998, Puerto Ricans voted to stay a commonwealth.

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