OntarioOntario <<ahn TAIR ee oh>> is a Canadian province. It lies along the U.S. border between Manitoba and Quebec. Ontario has more people than any other province.

Toronto is Ontario’s capital and largest city. It is also Canada’s largest city and the country’s chief center for business. Toronto lies along the shore of Lake Ontario, in southeastern Ontario. It is an important Great Lakes port.

Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is also in Ontario. It lies in eastern Ontario, near the Quebec border.


Ontario is a large, beautiful province. It has fast-flowing rivers, sparkling lakes, and thick forests. In the most northern parts, the ground is frozen the year around. In the most southern parts, summers are warm enough to grow fruits and vegetables.

The area around Hudson Bay is very flat. The middle of Ontario is a low, rocky area. It has many small lakes and rivers. Southern Ontario is mostly flat farmland.

Four of the five Great Lakes touch Ontario. Lake Superior and Lake Huron are on the southwest. Lake Erie and Lake Ontario are on the southeast. Niagara Falls is between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

Resources and products

Ontario is a huge farming, manufacturing, and mining province. Its factories make about as many products as the other nine provinces put together. Almost all of Canada’s cars are made in Ontario. Chemicals and computer parts are other important products. Food-processing plants make flour from wheat. They also make dairy products from milk. Ontario’s mills make paper from wood taken from its forests.

Ontario is also Canada’s leading province for farm products. Beef cattle and milk cows graze on pastures in the Great Lakes region. Farmers grow crops to feed the livestock. They also plant fruits, vegetables, and tobacco.

Ontario is an important mining province. Gold, nickel, and copper are Ontario’s most valuable mineral products.

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