Oman-flagOman <<oh MAHN>> is a small nation within the southeast nook of the Arabian Peninsula. The Gulf of Oman lies to the north, and the Arabian Sea lies east and south. The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen are to the west. Muscat is the capital, however Matrah is the most important metropolis. Oman was a really poor nation till oil was found there in 1964.

Most of Oman is dry, rocky desert. Barren mountains rise within the north. A slender coastal plain lies alongside the Gulf of Oman. Timber referred to as date palms are widespread there. Steep, rugged mountains separate the coastal plain from the inside. The inside is a flat land the place little grows.

Oman is among the world’s hottest nations. Temperatures might attain one hundred thirty °F (fifty four.four °C) in the summertime. A lot of the nation receives lower than 6 inches (15 centimeters) of rain a yr.

Almost all of Oman’s individuals, referred to as Omanis, are Arabs. Most people who reside within the nation reside in villages. On the coast, many individuals work on date palm plantations or fish for a dwelling. Away from the coast, farmers develop such crops as dates, fruit, and grain. Most people are Muslims, individuals who comply with the faith of Islam.

Oman mapOman earns most of its cash by promoting oil to different nations. Individuals use oil merchandise for operating automobiles and for different functions. However most Omanis nonetheless make their dwelling by farming and fishing.

Arabs have lived in what’s now Oman for hundreds of years. In historic occasions, Oman was an necessary sea-buying and selling nation. The Al Bu Stated household got here to energy within the 1740’s.This household nonetheless guidelines Oman.

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