Olympia Region

greek olympiaOlympia <<oh LIHM pee uh>> is a valley on the Peloponnesian peninsula of southern Greece. In historic occasions, faith, politics, and athletics centered at Olympia. The Olympic Video games, held there each 4 years, have been so necessary in Greek life that they have been used as the idea for the calendar. All of the buildings in Olympia have been used for worship or for video games.

The Olympic Video games have been banned in A.D. 393. Later, earthquakes and floods coated Olympia beneath 20 ft (6 meters) of earth. In 1829, a French group of explorers started to dig at Olympia. The German authorities continued this work. Between 1875 and 1879, lots of Olympia’s buildings have been uncovered. The key discoveries have been two statues, the Victory of Paeonius (423 B.C.) and the Hermes of Praxiteles (in all probability the 330’s B.C.). A museum with Olympian relics is on the trendy city of Olympia on the fringe of the ruins.

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